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for High Net Worth and Affluent Investors


High Net Worth Investors need a Trusted Advisor

The World Wealth Report (2005) by Cap Gemini/Merrill Lynch made the following observations:

  • High Net Worth and Affluent Investors are seeking a solution to the growing complexity of today’s markets.
  • High Net Worth Investors have responded to the growing complexity of wealth management by expanding their network of advisors. This is referred to as The High Net Worth Paradox, Because; Less is better
  • Few are satisfied with their current situation. They thirst for simplification, however finding a solution has not been easy.

The solution is not an easy one, the advisor must understand all aspects of your financial needs and be able to help comunicate between disciplines.

Additional Objectives:

Based on the report, the requirements in a solution became increasingly apparent.

  • Transparency
    • Clients in the High Net Worth segment want increased transparency from the investment managers handling their financial affairs.
    • Client reporting has become more complex, driven by a combination of factors:
    • Increased diversification of holdings
      • Demand for more indexed performance measures
      • And a growing desire to see information presented in a way that measures progress against financial or life goals.
  • Collaboration among Third-party Providers
    • High Net Worth investors and their advisors need to closely coordinate activities among third-party service providers – such as accountants and estate and tax attorneys, Investment and insurance advisors – to execute complex wealth strategies.
  • Institutionalized Wealth Management Processes
    • More and more High Net Worth investors are adopting institutional-like processes to manage their wealth, asking service providers for financial and estate plans, philanthropic and charitable giving plans, investment policy statements and regular risk assessments.


Our Response

As a firm, we have responded to these concerns by developing a model that meets the needs of our investors, whether a client is High Net Worth ($1 million plus of financial assets) or Affluent ($250,000 plus)

Advisor-Client Relationship: This simplified graphic reminds us that the client is the focal point of any strategy. The Trusted Advisor Concept is a stronger role than a simple Relationship Manager. The Trusted Advisor helps the Client communicate with their other advisors to insure they are not working at cross purposes.





Private Wealth Management and Banking for High Net Worth Clients

Our role in the High Net Worth Space takes the form of a  Relationship Manager with the Private Money Manager and we continue to coordinate and provide additional services as needed.. We currently have Referral arrangments with 3 Institutional managers. Fees are banded and the rate charged, reduces on with higher asset amounts. Benefits include; 

  • Institutional Investment Management with transparent fees
  • Trust and Estate Services
  • Complimentary Tax and Estate Planning Services
  • Private Banking with consultive services
  • Private Company Advisory for business expansion or sale

We can offer all the benefits of a family office with world class investment advice.

Affluent Client Offering

Fee Based Planning and Separately Managed Accounts

  • In the Affluent space, we serve as both the Relationship Manager (Trusted Advisor) and the investment Advisor.
  • We offer a graduated discount on fee based services as accounts grow in size.

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