What Women Want…to know about Interpretation!

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My husband was on the phone and said to the person on the other end “I’m afraid my main sheet is going to pull apart and my gooseneck is going to fall off”

Some of you may know what that means, most will not.  My point is that language is an important part of communication and interpertation of words we do not understand can lead to complexity.  Safice to say that we may think they are saying something that they never intended to say at all. Gee, I ran out and bought new bed sheets and a brand new roasting pan for the goose!!

Clarity is key!    Say what you mean, mean what you say and do what you say you will. 

Our Vision at Focused WealthCare, is to Balance Financial and Lifestyle goals. Clear.  We do this through education, best tax practices and sensible investing.  Additionally we provide insurance solutions that minimize lifestyle risk, together clearing the way for your financial future!

We Value Transparency, Integrity, Confidence and Security and…We…Do what we say we will!

First of all, if you are one of our clients let me begin by thanking you for your business.  We recognize you have a choice and we appreciate the trust you have put in Us. 

As we progress in our business, its hard not to reflect on the last ten (plus) years.  Over that time, We have witnessed substantial transformation within the industry.  We have seen a “tsunami” of sorts – rapid technological advancements, diverse competitors, robo-advisors, meticulous regulatory bodies, and changing consumer expectations.

What has stayed the same?  Our commitment and clarity coupled with exceptional customer experiences, which together contributes to the success of our clients. You see, its exciting to impart our personal objectives toward a company mission, its exciting to be an integral contributor to our Vision.  We are extremely passionate about our business and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Our commitment to you, our valued client and to those considering us:

  1.  We vow to maintain a client first organization, providing an exceptional experience to all of our clients and ensuring long-lasting partnerships that drive us both toward a successful future.
  2. We vow to lead with an agile mindset in this ever-changing industry.  To ensure you are getting value and progress towards your goals.
  3. We vow to lead in the direction of our Vision, to enable everyone to understand and impact their financial future. 

Finally, back to my husband...he was just saying he needs a new line to raise the main sail on the sailboat and he needs to stabilize the fittings on the boom.  Guess I'll be going to return those sheets and roast pan now.   

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