When my spouse dies, will the creditors demand payment from me??

Published by Michele Wells CCS, CHS on May 08, 2018

To many times we hear of a married couple having credit cards or loans that the other spouse does not know about.  You know, your kid needs some extra money, you dont want to have to explaine it to your... Continue reading

Was your OAS clawed back? Fight the claw-backs - reduce line 234

Published by Michele Wells CCS, CHS on May 07, 2018

Dividend income can be the least "income -friendly" to retirees because the grossed -up amount is reported on their tax returns.  Although the dividend tax credit provides preferential tax treatment, ... Continue reading

2018 New Years Resolution Idea

Published by Michele Wells CCS, CHS on Dec 18, 2017

So many ideas...loose weight, gain weight (lol), go to the gym, don't each chololate (lol) stop eating chips, eat healthy, be nice to your brother, walk the dog every day...what ever your New Years Resolution... Continue reading

Ladies, Put on Your Oxygen Mask Before Helping Others!

Published by Michele Wells CCS on Nov 28, 2017

The Financial Risk to Women caring for Aging Parents. She was crying and there was nothing I could do.  I would soon learn she was one of the many women caring for aging parents... A few months ago, I... Continue reading

What do Advisors do at an Educational Conference?

Published by Michele Wells & David Andrews on Nov 01, 2017

Over the years, Michele and I have taken some ribbing about our exotic education events. We thought it was time to share the workload. We attended the Manulife Investment Forum in Niagara Falls on Thursday... Continue reading

What Women Want...To know about NOT having a will

Published by David Andrews on Oct 18, 2017

An interesting question was asked today...."My half-brother has no will.  He has a step-sister.  Am I entitled to my half-brothers estate?  We have the same father out of wedlock." So he has no will, ... Continue reading

3 Investment Tips for Millenials

Published by Michelle Wells on Oct 13, 2017

Let’s be honest, investing isn’t always easy – at least it doesn’t always seem that way. With so many different options available on the market (from mutual funds to stocks), choosing the best strategy... Continue reading

What Women Want to Know...if your accountant kills you off with CRA

Published by Michele Wells CCS on May 25, 2017

So, your accountant accidently killed you off… with CRA Accidents happen, that’s why they call them accidents.  I don’t mean your accountant hit you with a car or catapulted you into Lake Superior from... Continue reading

What Women Want…to know about Interpretation!

Published by Michele Wells CCS on May 16, 2017

My husband was on the phone and said to the person on the other end “I’m afraid my main sheet is going to pull apart and my gooseneck is going to fall off” Some of you may know what that means, most will... Continue reading

What Women Want...to know about Eliminating their Tax Refund!

Published by Michele Wells CCS on Apr 20, 2017

Every year most Canadians celebrate as the tax refund cheque arrives in the mail. Its a pleasant bonus amidst the bills. Actually, it simply means you paid Canada Revenue Agency too much tax throughout... Continue reading